Personalized Stick Figure Address Labels, Gift Stickers, Invitations, Gifts and more

Dear Customers of The Personal Note:

This is the hardest thing I’ve had to say, but as of today, March 29, 2024, The Personal
Note is closed and has gone out of business. I opened the shop in 2009, so it feels as I am
losing a part of me. Unfortunately times and society have changed and like many small
businesses, I wasn’t able to keep the business profitable.

Many of you customers became friends on Facebook and I have watched your children
who I helped design your baby announcements and thank you cards become teenagers
and college students.

I will miss you all, as it seems as a big chapter of my life is ending. I want to thank my
husband, David (who all these years was webmaster) along with
my children Zach, Hannah, and Lindsey who we my inspiration to start the business
since I loved the products I used and decided to go into business for myself when they
were in elementary school. All of their teachers were known for getting gifts from my
shop once I opened.

Eternally gratefully,

Personalized stick figure products created to look like your family and friends. Combine our head and body theme logos to create your personalized Stick Figure Address Labels, Gift Stickers, Invitations, Gifts and more.

Combine our heads and body logos to create your customized stick figure masterpieces. We specialize in products and gifts that are personalized not only with names but also from over 150 Stick Figure characters and logos to create a humorous, yet realistic look! Our products make great gifts for yourself, family, teacher or for any family occasion.

The Personal Note takes Stick Figure Designs to the 21st Century. Out characters are full color, realistic and customized to look like you and your family. We offer hundreds of face types and characteristics. We have thousands of themed logos and items to customize and liven up your products. Our party invitations and thank you cards are perfect for parties and occasions. Our tote bags, coffee mugs, clothing, address labels, family platters and more are perfect gift items. Your imagination is endless when creating an item from The Personal Note. All designs are by Pen at Hand “the original Stick Figure company”, founded in 1981. Don’t buy those copycat stick figure designs on Etsy, when you can purchase the original products from The Personal Note.

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