Personalized Stick Figure Address Labels, Gift Stickers, Invitations, Gifts and more

Body Logos and Head Choices combine to create your own special family pads. Select one of our existing theme notepads or design your own notepad. These personal notepads make excellent gifts for any occasion.
Pads are also available in Black and White

Size: 8.5″ x 5.5″   1 Pad of 100 sheets   Cost: $32.00

Click on Notepad Choice to begin Customization Process

Desk Notepad
Mom Notepad
Babysitter Notepad
Ballet Notepad
Ballet_Tu_Tu Notepad
Baseball Notepad
Basketball Notepad
BigDeal Notepad
Bridge Notepad
BusyDay Notepad
CampBus Notepad
CampSignPost Notepad
CampHome Notepad
OneCharacter Notepad
Cheer Notepad
College Notepad
Excuse Notepad
FamilyBottom Notepad
Grandma Notepad
FamilyTop Notepad
Football Notepad
Grandparents Notepad
Heads Notepad
Kitchen Notepad
KitchenCouple Notepad
KitchenCouple2 Notepad
Mahj Notepad
Pirate Notepad
Pregnant Notepad
Racing Notepad
Shop2 Notepad
Soccer Notepad
Sports Notepad
Teacher Notepad
Teacher2 Notepad
TeacherChalkboard Notepad
Tennis Notepad
ToDo Notepad

The Personal Note takes full color Stick Figure Designs to the 21st Century. Our characters are full color, realistic and customized to look like you and your family. We offer hundreds of face types and characteristics. We have thousands of themed logo combinations and items to personalize and liven up your products. Choose a product, select a head (including hair and skin color), and choose a theme body logo. It’s that simple. Our large color notepads are perfect gifts for all occasions, including everyday and holidays. Your imagination is endless when creating an item from The Personal Note. All designs are by Pen at Hand “the original Stick Figure company”, founded in 1981. We also offer small color memo pads. Looking for a less expensive gift idea, try our black and white pads.

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