Personalized Stick Figure Address Labels, Gift Stickers, Invitations, Gifts and more

Body Logos and Head Choices combine to create your own special family placemats. These personal stick figure placemats make excellent gifts for any occasion.

• Size: 12″ x 18″
• Laminated heavyweight personalized placemats.
• Fully designed with identical image on front & back.
• Design, typestyle and colors are as shown.
• You choose stickfigure heads and bodies with the limits described on each layout.
• Can be used with dry erasable markers
• Prices: (based on identical mats): $20 for one, $18 for each identical placemat.

Click on Placemat Choice to begin Customization Process

Activity Placemat
ActivityKids Placemat
BabyBoy Placemat
BabyGirl Placemat
Ballet Placemat
Baseball Placemat
Basketball Placemat
Beach Placemat
Cat Placemat
Chanukah Placemat
Xmas Placemat
XmasSleigh Placemat
CraftBoy Placemat
CraftGirl Placemat
Critters Placemat
Dog Placemat
Drawing Placemat
Dressup Placemat
Easter Placemat
FamilyBeach Placemat
FamilyBirthday Placemat
FamilyHome Placemat
FamilyLetter Placemat
Food Placemat
GymGirl Placemat
Halloween Placemat
HeartBorder Placemat
Horseback Placemat
Kitchen Placemat
Music Placemat
Pirate Placemat
ABC_Boy Placemat
ABC_Girl Placemat
Animals_Boy Placemat
Animals_Girl Placemat
Ballet_2 Placemat
Dino_Boy Placemat
Dino_Girl Placemat
Dressup_2 Placemat
Fireman Placemat
Prince_2 Placemat
Princess_2 Placemat
Sports_2 Placemat
Teacher_2 Placemat
Prince Placemat
Princess Placemat
Racerboy Placemat
Sailing Placemat
SportsBorder Placemat
SportsBoy Placemat
StarBorder Placemat
Superboy Placemat
Teacher Placemat
Thanksgiving Placemat
Train Placemat
Trucks Placemat
Valentines Placemat
WaterBoy Placemat
WaterGirl Placemat

The Personal Note takes full color Stick Figure Designs to the 21st Century. Our characters are full color, realistic and customized to look like you and your family. We offer hundreds of face types and characteristics. We have thousands of themed logo combinations and items to personalize and liven up your products. Choose a product, select a head (including hair and skin color), and choose a theme body logo. It’s that simple. Our family placemats are perfect gifts for all occasions, including everyday and holidays. They make perfect game pad placemats for children, they are dry erase marker friendly. Also, they make perfect giveaways for children’s birthday parties. Your imagination is endless when creating an item from The Personal Note. All designs are by Pen at Hand “the original Stick Figure company”, founded in 1981.

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