Personalized Stick Figure Address Labels, Gift Stickers, Invitations, Gifts and more

Body Logos and Head Choices combine to create your own special family stick figure moving cards. Why send a boring moving card when you can personalize a moving card with your own family characters designed by Pen at Hand.

  • 5.5″x4.25″ Flat Cards
  • Includes full color Personalized Stick Figure Heads
  • Includes envelopes (blank)
  • Envelope return address printing available

Click on Moving Card Choice to begin Customization Process

Moving11 Moving Card
Moving17_Same_Sex Moving Card
Moving15_Men Moving Card
Moving14_Women Moving Card
Moving17 Moving Card
Moving16_older Moving Card
Moving14 Moving Card
Moving7 Moving Card
Moving5 Moving Card
Moving4 Moving Card
Moving3 Moving Card
Moving12 Moving Card
Movingtropical Moving Card
Moving13 Moving Card
MovingCity Moving Card
Moving18 Moving Card
Moving10 Moving Card
Moving1 Moving Card
Moving2 Moving Card
Movingcollege Moving Card
Moving6 Moving Card

The Personal Note takes full color Stick Figure Designs to the 21st Century. Our characters are full color, realistic and customized to look like you and your family. We offer hundreds of face types and characteristics. We have thousands of themed logo combinations and items to personalize and liven up your products. Choose a moving card, select a head (including hair and skin color), and choose a theme body logo. It’s that simple. All designs are by Pen at Hand “the original Stick Figure company”, founded in 1981.

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