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Create your own special envelope address stamper.

• Pre-inking
• Size: 3 ” x 1 1/2″
• Creates a clean, clear image
• Makes 65,000 images before re-inking is necessary
• Ink Colors available: Black, RedBlue or Purple
• Stampers add a personal touch to any envelope
• Includes 1 character head
• Includes 1 body logo
• Font: as shown (comic sans)
Also available as Address Labels

Ink Color:


Family Name (e.g., The Smith Family):
Street Address (e.g., 5 Royal Road):
City, State (e.g., Anytown, MA):
Zip Code:
Character 1:
Head Choice:
(click to view examples)
Body Logo Choice:
(click to view examples)
(e.g., cell phone): Over 350 character body themes to choose from.
Child’s Age:
(for sizing purposes)
Other Attributes (click all that apply):
Asian Eyes Glasses
Moustache Moustache & Beard
Goatee Baseball Hat

Shortly after your order is placed, we will contact you if we have any questions on your wording or layout. Customers have the option of getting a complete Email Proof (including wording, correct font and full color graphics) of their final product before it is sent to the printer; the cost is $6.00. If the artist makes an error on your proof, we will be happy to fix the mistake at no additional fee. However, if after you see the proof, you decide to make changes to the artwork or text, we can do so for a fee of $3.50 per change.  (Note that minor text changes can sometimes be done free of charge).   
Check to Add a complete Email Proof to your order ($6.00)

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